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Let go Соседка по комнате Shaimus

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Исполнитель: (Соседка по комнате) Shaimus

Mp3: Let go

Время: 05:51

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Добавлено: 2015-03-10

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Текст песни:

Let Go

Body looking for soul
hungry for home.
You gotta lay your weapons down,
I'm sure that you know.

Could you have turned into the man who
used to chase you in your dreams?
Could it be as hard as it seems?
Or is it just that simple? Soon you'll have to

Let go
and watch it through the world that you know.
Let it go
and wash away the world that you know.
Any way it goes.

Reborn to follow their way,
you've got a hand in the game.
You know how cheap their attention can be
when they just want to continue their name.

Could you have turned into a man who
would have laughed had you been braver?
And why not now, to dream again, become the
man who saved you, soon you'll have to.

Take a look through the stills you took.
It wasn't all that long ago.
Empty cupboards, just a beer in your hand.
It was easy then.

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