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Go Down Moses London Boys

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Исполнитель: London Boys

Mp3: Go Down Moses

Время: 04:28

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Добавлено: 2015-01-15

Просмотров: 1040


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Текст песни:

There's no real...
There's no real peace
There's no real peace

There's a tiny little stretch of desert land
That's been famous all around the globe
But not for the oriental belly-dance
Or the pipes of peace and hope.
I see the Israelites and a child that cries
And the "Martyrs of the P.L.O."
And an old man by the Wailing Wall
Who's seen it all before...

I said: Peace!
Peace shall come, peace in the Middle East
I said: Peace! Peace shall come
Peace in the Middle East.

Go down, Moses
Way down in Egypt land
Tell ol' pharaoh
Let my people go!

I see rusty tanks and shot down planes
Just south of Lebanon
While mighty river Jordan rolls
Away to Babylon...
So let there be no doubt, we're gonna work it out
Shalom! Over Palestine –
Let the prophets, kings and armies hear
What the people really got in mind.

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London Boys - Go Down Moses

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